The Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Fairfax, Virginia

Virginia is a large state with plenty of business opportunities to offer. Deciding on the best suburb for you is an important decision to make. Making the right choice can make your life much easier, while the wrong one can make it difficult to enjoy going home every day. Are you a young professional looking for the perfect place to call home in Fairfax, Virginia? If so, you're in luck! Carmack Moving & Storage is here to help you find out which are the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia.

Arlington is a nationally renowned suburb in Virginia, located on the right bank of the Potomac River, overlooking Washington D. C. The proximity to the capital and the vast labor market make it one of the most popular suburbs to live in Virginia. It has an urban feel and most of the locals rent their homes.

Although living costs are high, there are no real drawbacks to living here. Merrifield is located a little farther from Washington, but it is still considered one of its suburbs. It has a population of just over 17,000 people and is part of Fairfax County. The local community is quite young and it's one of the best suburbs for young professionals to live in Virginia.

If you decide to move here, we suggest that you hire a professional packaging service to ensure your items arrive at their new address in one piece. Alexandria is located near Merrifield and it's third on our list of the best suburbs for young professionals in Virginia. It offers a good job offer, great diversity, excellent nightlife options and an above average quality of public schools. On the other hand, living and housing costs could be lower and the crime rate could use a little lowering.

Idylwood is ranked fifth on our list and it's located in Fairfax County. With a population of 18,000 people, Idylwood offers great job opportunities and a family-friendly environment. Outdoor activities, housing and diversity are some of its advantages. Clarendon, a town in Arlington, is a popular choice among young professionals.

With an exciting nightlife, a bustling shopping district (known as The Crossing) and a long list of restaurants covering every type of cuisine, Clarendon has so much to offer that even D. residents travel to Virginia to participate. A wide range of housing options keeps the population mixed: if you decide to stay here for a long time, the transition from a central condo to a single-family home should be seamless. Del Ray may not seem like the go-to place for young professionals at first glance due to its small-town atmosphere, but its residents insist otherwise.

People who work in the city and need a little rest after leaving will feel a cozy relief when they return to Del Ray's artistic and eclectic environment which is home to parks, independent businesses and coffee shops. Plus, there are a variety of accommodation options here, from adorable bungalows to brick apartment buildings. Crystal City had a reputation as a kind of government superoffice full of tall, glassy buildings and it was a hub for military contractors and government agencies. However, over the past twenty years it has slowly changed its identity with improvements in public art, restaurants and public transport as well as community participation initiatives such as 5 km runs and food festivals.

If you're looking for something different than skyscrapers, Crystal City could be an exciting place to call home with more improvements and changes on the horizon that you could be part of. Manassas Park is one of Northern Virginia's safest, most affordable and travel-friendly cities with an affordable cost of living that makes it perfect for young people who commute daily to work looking to save money or for families looking for a suburban retreat outside the city. Northern Virginia has been named one of the best places to live in the country with some of the best neighborhoods for families with children, young professionals and retirees alike such as McLean, North Arlington or Falls Church which are too expensive for some people so Vienna could be an option since houses cost 10 to 15 percent less than in those areas.